The Han Pijesak International Photo Stream

Enjoy the beauty and history of the Bosnia and Herzegovina cultures with an international flavor

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Sports And Leisure Photography


Sports are big business in today’s world. The thing in common is that nearly every western culture participates on a plethora of events in this category. One has to marvel at the amount of wonderful cultural mixes a big sporting event can bring. It also brings the grandest opportunity forRead More…

Impressionable Edgy Art In Companionship


Companionship Art is an edgy topic among many cultures. It can even cross the line in many peoples’ minds. Others┬áthink it is a form of freedom to live one’s own life the way they see fit. After the war in Yugoslavia, many people were forced to move elsewhere. A smallRead More…

Lost Newspaper And Magazine Art


Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are a huge art hidden in plain site. Much of it has been lost in time and has become too obscure to ever revisit. Websites have replaced newspapers and television and pop-up ads have replaced magazines. We all will never forget the magazine inserts fallingRead More…

Tourism: Big Industry Photography


It can be very simple to create an art out of the job you hold. ┬áso long as you have the right knowledge and time to perfect it. There exists many clients who need services while they are going for a business trip or vacation . The tourism industry isRead More…

Mega City Photo Shots


Metropolitan areas and mega cities provide some of the best shots of people, places, and things. From coffee shops to construction workers in hard hats. Everywhere you look there is something to photograph. An almost endless journey through the concrete jungle and hard streets. From designer shop to graffiti ladenRead More…

Over 12,000 photos from 600 authors from 70+ countries were received. What an amazing cultural display and quality of photography - International Photo Exhibition